Virtual Lorenz 3D
Virtual Lorenz SZ 3D

Getting Started

Welcome to this simulation of a German Lorenz SZ40/42.

Switch on the Lorenz by clicking the power button above

Look around by left-clicking and dragging on the background. Right-click (or shift-click) will move the camera and middle-mouse will zoom. Alternatively, you can use the Change View buttons below to move to
pre-set camera positions.

Click and drag on any of the 12 rotor thumbwheels to change the start position. Click on the lock below the rotors to open/close the cover to change the settings on the rotors. Click on any of the small switches to toggle them on/off.

The large red switch at the base switches between Aus/Off (no encipherment) and Ein/On (encipher) modes.

Press the keys on the teleprinter to send messages or type on your keyboard. To switch to figures/numbers mode, use the Zi button on the teleprinter or Left-Ctrl. The Bu button (or Right-Ctrl) switches back to letters mode.

Use the Tutorials menu, top-left, to learn more about how to send/receive and set the Lorenz