Virtual Lorenz Tutorials

How do I use Virtual Lorenz?

Below are a series of videos to show you a quick-start on how to use Virtual Lorenz 3D.

Basic Tutorial

This video shows you the basics of moving the camera around and what interactive actions are available

Virtual Lorenz SZ42 3D : Basic Tutorial

Sending a message tutorial

This video shows you how the German operator set the start positions of the twelve rotors when getting ready to send a secret message. This method was used at the beginning of World War II, in 1940.

Virtual Lorenz SZ42 3D : Send Tutorial

Receiving a message tutorial

This video shows you what you need to do to receive a message that is being transmitted to you.

Virtual Lorenz SZ42 3D : Receive Tutorial

Setting the rotors tutorial

At regular intervals, the operators were required to change the settings of each of small switches on the twelve rotors to new positions. This involved having two operators, one reading the setting of each switch and the other changing the switch with a stylus.

This is a link to a PDF of a few examples of actual setting documents for the Lorenz SZ40 (pages 2 and 3). Wehrmacht-Fernschreibschl├╝ssel SZ 40

Virtual Lorenz SZ42 3D : Setting Tutorial